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EVE Vanguard : Wreckage

Wreckage 'Gameplay Verbs' in 'Carrion', a map that is playable as part of the initial 'First Strike' launch event for EVE Vanguard.

I was responsible for taking the blockout from level design and creating the layout seen here using our wreckage kit.

All wreckage assets were created by the Wreckage Team (credited below).

Wreckage Team
Biome Team
Art Directors

Art Direction: Neil Kaminski, Ben Cottage
Environment Art - Biome: Matthew Southall, Olivia Butler-Stroud
Environment Art - Wreckage: Matthew Macer, Daria Odnorogova, Dennis Lukat
Level Design: Tyler Lamon, Tyler Sharpe, Liam Phillips, James Cook
Technical Art Support: Anna Bjornsdottir, Lukas Boonen, Carlos Ulloa
Lighting: Zach Hewett
VFX: Davide Fortunato