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EVE Vanguard : Biome

Carrion, the first playable map in the 'First Strike' launch event for EVE Vanguard.
With the help of an amazingly talented team, I was responsible for leading the biome team in the world building and production of all natural content, from its creation to final layout and set dressing inside the map. We worked closely with Level Design from blockout, ensuring layout and assets allowed intended design and gameplay functionality.

Biome Team
Wreckage Team
Art Directors

Art Direction: Neil Kaminski, Ben Cottage
Environment Art - Biome Team: Matthew Southall, Olivia Butler-Stroud, Vanessa Boelke
Environment Art - Wreckage Team: Matthew Macer, Daria Odnorogova, Dennis Lukat
Level Design: Tyler Lamon, Tyler Sharpe, Liam Phillips, James Cook
Technical Art Support: Anna Bjornsdottir, Lukas Boonen, Carlos Ulloa
Lighting: Zach Hewett
VFX: Davide Fortunato